Many of our patients wonder how much their oral surgery will hurt. We want to make sure you know that your safety and comfort are our priority and you’re in the best hands with Dr. Jesin and the team at Advanced Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Studio. Our surgeon has hospital-based anesthesia training and certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS). Dr. Jesin is board-certified in two countries, the United States and Canada, and is a Diplomate of the National Dental Board of Anesthesia. As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, he is an expert in the full scope of oral surgery procedures and is particularly skilled in performing minimally invasive procedures requiring the least amount of downtime using the most advanced surgical techniques and tools available.

We offer a variety of anesthesia options at our practice to help you feel relaxed about your procedure and to eliminate pain during surgery. During your initial consultation, your options for anesthesia will be discussed in depth, and the right anesthesia type will be added to your treatment plan based on the type of procedure you are having, your level of apprehension about your treatment, and your health concerns. For the safest sedation experience possible, Dr. Jesin and his surgical team will monitor you continuously during and after your surgery.

Types of Anesthesia

Advanced Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Studio offers the following types of in-office anesthesia and sedation:

  • Local Anesthesia. Lidocaine is a type of local anesthesia that is used in all oral surgeries, usually along with other forms of anesthesia. Lidocaine/local anesthesia is applied directly to the surgical site to immediately calm any sensation of pain in the area.
  • Nitrous Oxide. Nitrous oxide is an inhaled gas that offers mild sedation and a mild pain-relieving effect. This gas has been used in dentistry for many years and is often used along with other types of anesthesia to help give the patient a sense of calm about their procedure. It’s commonly referred to as laughing gas because sometimes patients feel giddy.
  • Office-Based IV Sedation. Intravenous sedation, also known as IV sedation and twilight sedation/sleep, is very calming and will ease any anxiety you may have about your treatment. You will not necessarily be asleep but may drift in and out of consciousness while under IV sedation and will not feel any pain associated with your treatment. For this type of anesthesia, patients must not have anything to eat or drink (excluding prescription medications with a sip of water) for at least eight hours before receiving IV sedation, and a responsible adult must be present to drive the patient home after surgery.
  • Office-Based General Anesthesia. Office-based general anesthesia puts the patient in an unconscious state, completely unaware of the procedure being performed. During this type of anesthesia, your vital signs will be closely monitored. Even though it is usually reserved for more complex surgeries such as wisdom teeth extractions and dental implant placement, you may request this type of anesthesia for your routine procedure if you have significant anxiety about receiving surgery. For this type of anesthesia, patients must not have anything to eat or drink (excluding prescription medications with a sip of water) for at least eight hours before receiving IV sedation, and a responsible adult must be present to drive the patient home after surgery.

Exparel® for Opioid-Free Pain Control

We are proud to offer a proven and highly effective pre-medication called Exparel at our practice that numbs your pain during your surgery directly at the surgical site and controls pain for several days into your recovery. Sometimes, this incredible medication allows our patients to skip post-surgical pain medications entirely! Plus, Exparel is opioid-free, so it does not come with the risks and side effects associated with opioid prescription medications. Dr. Jesin will be happy to discuss the addition of this pain control medication to your treatment plan when you meet with him for your consultation.

Visit the Exparel website to learn more!

Heal Faster and Relieve Pain with StellaLife®

StellaLife is a biotech company that designs ways to improve peoples’ lives and reduce or eliminate the need for narcotic pain medications, steroids, or antibiotics. Our practice uses VEGA® Oral Care, which comes in the form of a rinse, spray, or gel. This product is designed to relieve pain associated with oral surgery, accelerate healing, and promote optimum oral health. StellaLife believes in natural, better healing. Their INTELLIGENT HEALING® formula utilizes natural ingredients from botanical plants and minerals, mainly using organic live plant essential oils and without synthetic ingredients. StellaLife is ideal for patients looking to heal quickly and naturally.

Visit the StellaLife website to learn more!

Anesthesia Options in Grand Rapids, MI

Regardless of your choice of anesthesia and post-surgical pain management, we find that most of our patients are back to their regular routines quickly after their procedures. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you have regarding pain management or anesthesia and sedation at our practice. Your care team at Advanced Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Studio care deeply about your comfort, well-being, and safety.