Please refer to the general oral surgery instructions for general post-operative instructions that are applicable to all oral surgeries.

Oral Hygiene:

Please keep the surgical site clean. Avoid brushing the area for 3–4 days. Brush your other teeth as normal. To keep the site clean, use the prescribed mouth rinse (Peridex™) twice daily and rinse with it for 1 minute in the morning after breakfast and 1 minute right before bedtime. Use salt water or other diluted mouthwash rinses after meals. After 3–4 days, you may begin brushing the site gently. After 2 weeks, you should resume normal brushing of the site to keep it as clean as possible. You may stop using the prescribed mouth rinse (Peridex) after 1 week.

Bone Graft Material:

If your surgeon used bone particles from a donor, you might notice some gritty material in your mouth at times. This is nothing to worry about and should subside within 1–2 weeks.


Avoid eating hard or crunchy foods directly over the bone graft site during the first 2 months after surgery. For the best bone growth, the bone graft must remain completely immobile and without excessive pressure. Just like a fractured bone in your arm heals with a cast to keep it stable and immobile, the same process occurs in your jaw. The critical period to avoid excess pressure during chewing on the site is the first 2 months. Please stick to softer foods and chew more on the other side of the mouth. Soft foods include soup, noodles, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, meatloaf, fish, etc.


Please take the prescribed antibiotics until finished. If you develop a reaction to them, please stop them and notify the office immediately. Please also use the prescribed mouth rinse (Peridex) twice daily. Your surgeon will prescribe a pain medication regimen that is customized to the procedure that you had; please follow it accordingly. If you have any questions, please call the office at any time.


Your surgeon may see you for a healing check at 2 weeks. He will then see you for a follow-up at 3–4 months to ensure the bone graft has healed and to schedule the next step of your treatment.

We are here for you. If you have questions about your procedure, our center has 24-hour surgeon availability. If you would like to speak to your surgeon, please contact us at any time. During business hours, please call our office. After hours, please call our office, and our answering service will page a surgeon.