The Dental Implant Process

The Dental Implant Process

The Process of a Dental Implant

Dr. Jesin has many years of training and experience placing dental implants safely with excellent long-term results. Our practice is the first in Michigan to utilize a technology called X-Guide® for planning and performing incredibly accurate implant surgery that considers the delicate surrounding structures in your mouth with greater accuracy for a minimally invasive procedure with optimal aesthetic results.

Dr. Jesin will create a digital surgical plan with the best implant location based on your unique anatomy using X-Guide’s advanced software. During your surgery, he will use a specialized radiation-free camera along with your digital surgical plan for a 3D view of your oral structures, including your jaw bone, soft tissue, and surrounding teeth. The X-Guide navigation system will then guide Dr. Jesin in real-time as he performs the surgery, like a GPS roadmap leading him along every turn of your procedure. The duration and complexity of your surgery will depend on your individual condition and if any additional procedures, such as bone grafting, will be needed.

The dental implant surgery process at our practice typically goes as follows:

  • Consultation appointment. During this appointment, you will have a complete evaluation of your oral health condition and will work with Dr. Jesin to develop a treatment plan. Diagnostic images may be taken to create precise surgical guides for your procedure.
  • Day of surgery. On the day of your surgery, the anesthesia that you chose during your consultation will be administered so that you will not feel any discomfort during your procedure. Next, your oral surgeon will make a small cut in your gum tissue over the area where your implant is to be inserted. Using the X-Guide navigation system, he will then insert the implant post into your jaw bone with precision, which will support the implant, and stitch the surgical site closed. After the procedure, you will have plenty of time to rest before your designated driver takes you home. A single implant placement procedure takes 30–60 minutes and around two to three hours for multiple implants.
  • Recovery period. The healing process begins once your procedure is over and continues until your implant has successfully fused with your jaw bone. Our patients are usually back to their regular activity level after just a couple of days. Your healing time depends on many factors, such as the condition of your jaw bone, your overall health, and your body’s natural healing abilities. Dr. Jesin will be sure to go over these factors and timelines with you before you have your procedure. You may receive a temporary crown to wear during your recovery time so that you can keep smiling while you wait for your permanent custom crown.
  • Placement of the abutment. The abutment is the piece that connects the crown to your implant. After there has been enough healing, Dr. Jesin will determine when to place an abutment onto your implant post.
  • Placement of the custom crown. Once Dr. Jesin gives the thumbs-up, your restorative dentist will fit your permanent, custom-made crown to your dental implant. The final phase of your treatment is complete!

You will be instructed on how to maintain good oral hygiene and dental care throughout your treatment so that your implants are well taken care of and your replacement teeth will heal and become part of your beautiful smile.

Exparel® Pain Relief

Our practice also offers a pre-medication called Exparel that we are proud to offer to our surgical patients. Exparel is a clinically proven, safe medication for extended post-operative pain relief that does not carry the risk of dependence or other negative side effects associated with prescribed opioid medications. Exparel is administered directly to your surgical site, and it has been shown to control pain for several days into recovery, sometimes reducing or even eliminating the need for post-surgical prescription pain medications!

Tired of the hassle that comes with removable dentures? Say goodbye to them, and say hello to a realistic-looking, fully functioning dental implant that completes your smile! Your personal needs will determine the type of implant that is best for you, and Dr. Jesin can’t wait to discuss the many tooth replacement options that we offer.

The Dental Implant Process in Grand Rapids, MI

To learn more about dental implants at our trusted practice in Grand Rapids, MI, please feel free to give us a call today. We are happy to discuss your options for replacing missing tooth or teeth from a variety of causes, such as tooth loss or gum disease.